Naturopathic Medicine

At Midland Gate Pharmacy, we have three qualified naturopaths, one of whom is on staff at all times. We stock a vast range of naturopathic, homeopathic and other alternative medicines, as well as liquid herbals, which our naturopaths can compound specifically for your particular medical concerns.

For complex health questions and advice, a naturopathic consult can be booked any day of the week with one of our consulting naturopaths; Dawn, Mia assisted by Dorien. Our clients receive a 15% discount on their naturopathic needs.

Our naturopaths can also offer health and wellbeing tests, such as blood pressure testing, cholesterol testing and blood glucose testing (commonly known as blood sugar testing). These three tests are usually performed together, and do not require fasting. Bookings are essential, please call 08 9274 2344 to arrange an appointment that suits you.