At Midland Gate Pharmacy, we dispense PBS, private and many hospital prescriptions. We offer a loyalty program allowing you to keep your prescriptions on file with us, in exchange for a reduced price on these medications (please note, medications covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme can not have their prices altered).

As a large pharmacy, we pride ourselves on keeping adequate stock levels to ensure your prescription will be able to be filled in a timely manner. We are also able to order specialised medications based on the prescription you present to us. This process generally only takes 24 hours for us to receive the medications.

You can help us streamline our dispensing process by downloading "Med Advisor." This free app allows you to manage your prescriptions from anywhere. Rather than waiting for your prescription, you simply tap the refill function and your request will come directly to us. Your prescription will be ready when you come in to collect it.

We are accredited through the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP), which means you can be certain Midland Gate Pharmacy is a professional, ethical and safe workplace committed to upholding the Equal Opportunity Act towards our staff and our customers.