Midland Gate Pharmacy is a privately-controlled pharmacy situated in the heart of the bustling commercial area of Midland. Owner and proprietor Anthony Maricic, affectionately known as Tony, has operated this pharmacy since small beginnings in the Midland Gate Shopping Centre in 1980. During this time, the pharmacy moved into a larger home and spread out, allowing it to diversify, now encompassing not just prescription dispensing, but also natural health and alternative medicines, weight loss and wellness, photographic printing, beauty therapy and specialist fragrance knowledge.

At Midland Gate Pharmacy, our philosophy is “telling not selling”, which we uphold by ensuring our staff are exceptionally trained and knowledgeable about our products, allowing us to confidently serve our customers needs and give sound advice. 

At least one of our pharmacists, Tony, Danika or Victor are available at all times to answer complex questions and give further advice and knowledge where needed.

Midland Gate Pharmacy is NOT a discount pharmacy, whilst we still endeavour to offer our products at competitive prices, and we will price match where possible, we centre around the belief that community pharmacies are the easiest way for our customers to get sound, complete advice on their medical conditions.

Unique attributes of Midland Gate Pharmacy include the My-Story book (detailing stories of our valued customers) and The Solutions (our iPad survey for common complaints). Ask in store for more information.