Our Services


In our pharmacy, the focus is on you as the customer. We endeavour to give you an optimal pharmacy experience, encompassing quality products, advice
and services. 

As well as general prescription dispensing, we boast an exclusive loyalty program allowing you to leave you repeat prescriptions with us for convenience, in exchange for a reduced price on these medications  (please note, medications covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme can not have their prices altered).

At Midland Gate Pharmacy we use Med Advisor - a free app which allows our clients to manage and order their prescriptions from their phone or computer. To order a prescription, simply tap to refill and your prescription will be ready to collect.

Fancy some more detailed advice? Feel free to ask to speak to any of our four qualified Pharmacists. Alternatively, we have four qualified naturopaths on staff to attend to your queries regarding natural, homeopathic and alternative medicines. Consultations can be booked for conditions requiring a more tailored approach.

Midland Gate Pharmacy also includes a fully equipped beauty therapy room, as well as a FujiFilm photography lab, and a dedicated specialist fragrance section.